Na'Vi ModPack 0.8.9 by Arti25

Modpack contents:
  • Vspishka's crosshair 
  • No darkness in sniper mode
  • Damage panel
  • Camera shaking off-switch
  • Commander's camera (?)
  • Enlarged icons on mini-map and a ray (?)
  • Command rose
Mod one - the good old crosshair from Vspishka that I've been using from day one. Everything goes the same way as usual here: your strength (?) percentage on the right, and your reload timer on the left. SPG crosshair is similar. Also, the time of projectile flying was increased. You will now see the distance for the target as well.
Mod two - there is no more dark corners at the edges of the screen in the sniper mode. Your overview screen space is increased when you turn this mode on.
Mod three - the damage panel. Displays the damage that you suffered. It appears in the center of the screen at first and then duplicates in the damage panel of the tank.
Mod four - camera shaking off-switch. This mod turns off the shaking of the dynamic camera but keeps all the remaining advantages.
Mod five - the commander's camera (zoom mode). This mod adds the possibility of zooming out the camera while in the battle. It's very useful because you'll be able to view the whole battlefield AND everything that goes on in the corners.
Mode six - a mini-map. x1.5 icons + ray (?) pointing the same direction as the gun of the tank. There are two squares displayed while playing SPG: green represents your screen space, yellow is your crosshair.
Mode seven - a command rose. A wonderful mod that allows you to modify the fast buy menu however you please. You can set any text for the battle menu (?) or create your own configuration. The game could get much more interesting! The file path is displayed on your screen right now. It's simple - put in some commands that you need or just use predefined mine!
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